Azienda presente nel campo mondiale della lavorazione delle pietre da oltre 20 anni.



Tecnombm s.r.l. company on the world market of stone working machineries since 25 years.
Present everywhere in the world with his technologies, the company is born by joint of the two companies Tecnomac s.r.l. and MBM s.r.l.

The group so composed, directed by the same head office, has allowed to separate the production, getting the maximum advantage in development and production capacities.
The organization of the company allows very high flexibility in building, every machine is strictly built in accordance to customer’s request.
Ruggedness, reliability and quality/price rate, are the main purpose of the company.
Bridge saws, edge polishing, surface polishing, shaping, lathe, CNC machine, are only few examples of the complete line of machines that Tecnombm s.r.l. is able to supply to satisfy every workshop needs.